Learning about the characteristics of Oxandrolone

This short informational article on the use of muscle building and strengthening stimulants, particularly steroids, has one central theme. This theme is a motivation to interested readers and beginners in weight lifting and body building to collect as much information on the products they are perusing for the purposes of their act, if you will. It is extremely important that beginners know ahead of time all possible side effects to taking performance enhancing drugs.

While such drugs remain widely available for purchase on the internet, readers also need to be fully aware whether those drugs they are having a look at have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, require medical prescription, or are officially banned. This article’s motivation takes Oxandrolone as its example. Here is a brief outline of the drug. But more extensive online information on the characteristics of Oxandrolone for instance, is, of course, available.

Most online reviews indicate that Oxandrolone is also used to increase weight that was previously lost for a variety of reasons. Such health reasons include chronic infections and severe trauma. Oxandrolone is branded commercially as Anavar. It is a man-made steroid quite similar to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The drug was originally designed and manufactured to promote the growth of muscle tissue.

Under primarily medical prescription, it is also used to decrease the loss of muscle that has been the consequence of using other steroid-influenced medicines to combat incidences such as bone pain among those patients who suffer from osteoporosis. It is stated that Oxandrolone is not entirely toxic and is ‘mildly anabolic, only slightly androgenic’. It is not a major harm to the human liver. And it is popularly used among sportsmen and women, and bodybuilders.